#1 TEN HORNED BEAST von deathampdrone 06.02.2007 07:01

nicht undedingt der musikalische überflieger , aber "ten horns, ten beasts" war ganz nett

From deep within the hinterlands of northern England the TenHornedBeast is rising. Widely known for his 1990's work with English dark-ambient occultists ENDVRA Christopher Walton has let loose a new malstrom. Powered by biblical prophecy and oppressive volume TenHornedBeast stalks the neither-neither world between sound and invocation.


Ten Stars Ten Horns CD-R (self released 2004)
Blackfeather track on Surrounding compilation CD (Traquetto Records 2004)
Woe To You O Earth And Sea CD-R (Nothingness Records 2005)
Archangel track on Swarm compilation CD (Cold Spring, 2005)
The Sacred Truth CD (Cold Spring, to be released 2006)
Hunts & Wars (work in progress)
The Holy Order of Faust (work in progress)
The Last Eternal Night (work in progress)

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