#1 HJARNIDAUDI (Funeral Drone) von Nachtmahr 11.03.2007 12:42

Way back in 2002 we listed a record by Norway's Hlidolf, who whipped up (or, er... down) a slow motion swirl of spacey, dark, drifty, deep, and droney doom sludge. Channelling Earth 2, SUNNO))), Lustmord, Klaus Schulze and the like. Obviously it was a huge AQ fave. Unfortunately that release seems to have faded and disappeared into the ether, but thankfully we now have this epic three track disc from Hjarnidaudi, who are the rightful sonic heirs to the space doom drone throne once occupied by Hlidolf (due in no small part to this being the new project of Hlidolf's Vidar Ermesjo). But where Hlidolf was all darkness and doom, winter and wastelands, Hjarnidaudi is white hot light and blinding bursts of fuzz and sparkle, like the impossible birth of a new universe. Sure it's still slow and doomy, but much like the recent Fleshpress III record, this is a doom band moving beyond the confines of pure doom. Huge expansive stretches of majestic slow moving melody, a sort of doom certainly, but instead of murky downtuned gurgling sludge, these doomscapes are constructed from jagged buzzy brittle slabs of crystalline guitars, brief explosive smears of almost ambient fuzz, held together by an impossibly glacial rhythm section. Sunroof! by way of Esoteric, a shoegazer SUNNO))), a WAY less propulsive Jesu, or Skepticism broadcast through the M83 soundsystem. A gloriously thick and rich, warm and shimmering expanse of stretched out buzzing guitars, dreamy melodies, minor key and melancholy, but with a strangely warm embrace. If most sludge-doom-death-drone is like dunking your head in a tarpit, the world a dripping black dirge, Hjarnidaudi is like falling into the Sunn, hot and blinding, the world splintering into a million tiny sparkling pieces.
Limited to 750 copies, packaged in a mini lp style sleeve wrapped in a hand stamped brown paper outer sleeve.


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japp,hab das teil,ziemlich outstanding !

#3 RE: HJARNIDAUDI (Funeral Drone) von David 15.03.2007 18:32

wrapped in a hand stamped brown paper outer sleeve

Schöne Idee. Schon das Auspacken hatte etwas für sich.
Und die ersten Töne von "Pain" sind mehr als gelungen.

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Zitat von myspace.com/hjarnidaudi
"Psyko:Stare:Void" ... successor to "Pain:Noise:March" is basically complete. Release: not to distant future.

...und damit auch in freudiger Erwartung hemmungsloser Lobpreisungs- und Befreundungs-Gesuche...

#5 RE: HJARNIDAUDI (Funeral Drone) von fleischpresse 10.09.2007 19:24

Zitat von myspace.com/hjarnidaudi
[new content] "Psyko:Stare:Void" previews

Two previews of the upcoming release have been posted.


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