#1 G:D:M:F Forum Rules (english) von BLACKBLOOD 09.04.2008 19:41

I don't want to put you off with complicated rules, but a forum can't do without a few.

G:D:M:F Forum Rules

1. Tone
Treat other users as you want them to treat you. All users are human beings, not virtual personalities. Everybody has the right to tell his opinion unless they break the forum's rules.

2. Linkage
If you want to place a link in your subscription, be sure it does not break any laws and orders.

Pay attention:
The forum administrators are not responsible for the content of linked pages.
Links to unlawful contents will not be published and the user will be banned from the forum.

3. Restrictions
Public laws and orders have to be followed. We do not accept personal attacks that aim at relegion, nationality, ethnic roots, gender, sexual orientation, handicaps or other differences. If you have a slight variance with anybody, stick to facts and avoid using offensive language.
It is strictly forbidden to spread contents that call for hate against other people or organizations or that propagandize anticonstitutional organizations.

Be nice one to another. If there is any quarrel, you should settle it via PM or mail. If there is no other choice change your telephone numbers (then you can even make use of your voices!;)).

That's all, folks. Enjoy the German Doom Metal Forum!

Doom on!

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