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#1 FEAR FALLS BURNING von deathampdrone 25.02.2006 13:20

grossartige band ........

Fear Falls Burning - With all the power,noise,aggression and subtlety that comes from a single man performing real-time on the electric guitar through a maze of pedal effects, notes and chords shifting and multiplying over time into dense and trance-inducing walls of sound. Fear Falls Burning succeeds in uncovering a new language that stretches time and brings the listener to the edge multiple times, entrancing with the repetitive yet pure sonic presence of the electric guitar. Fear Falls Burning sets himself apart from the current drone scene by using different techniques and an expansive collection of pedaleffects. The zen-induced result of a harsh method of musical effacement: Lonely tones drift through harmoniously singing clouds of sustain, black streams of crunching distortion flow underneath heavenly harmonics, minuscule melodies appear and drift off. With no overdubs or post-production effects involved, the compositions progress in an organic and natural way, giving the music a special feeling and soul that is missing from many recordings these days. This is Fear Falls Burning.

#2 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von eternal 14.03.2006 13:07

Und am tour :

April 11th 2006 - Willem Tell Blues Club, Sint-Lenaarts (Belgium) - try-out + releaseparty "the amplifier drone" LP
April 18th 2006 - Sojo, Leuven (Belgium) - in support of Cult of Luna
April 19th 2006 - Vera, Groningen (The Netherlands) -w/Cult of Luna
April 20th 2006 - Dynamo, Eindhoven (The Netherlands) -w/Cult of Luna
April 21th 2006 - Patronaat, Haarlem (The Netherlands) - w/ Cult of Luna
April 22nd 2006 - Vierkante Zaal, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) - Ind. Arts Festival
May 4th 2006 - Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt (Germany)
May 5th 2006 - Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig (Germany)
May 6th 2006 - AZ Conni, Dresden (Germany) w/Fluid
May 7th 2006 - Skam, Hamburg (Germany)
May 8th 2006 - venue tbc, Prague (Czech Republic)
w/Birds Build Nests Underground
May 9th 2006 - n.b.i., Berlin (Germany) w/Mint
May 10th 2006 - Galerie Scherer8, Berlin (Germany)
May 11th 2006 - Audio Unit, Hamburg (Germany)
w/Kera Nagel & André Aspelmeier
May 12th 2006 - Cuba, Münster (Germany) w/Tim Hecker, Gaumen
May 13th 2006 - Frontline, Gent (Belgium) w/hroptr & Daw

#3 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von fleischpresse 15.04.2006 18:49

Da steht u.a. auch noch eine Split-LP mit Nadja über Conspiracy Records aus - wurde kürzlich auf Juni umverlegt, falls ich mich recht entsinne...

#4 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von Khanatist 14.05.2006 23:05

Erwartet tranceartiger Auftritt (Hamburg) und sehr netter Typ, der Herr.

Hat noch jemand eines der Konzerte besucht? Den Support-Slot hatten Cult of Luna ihm vermutlich angeboten, um die selbst erlittene Schmach als Bleeding Through-Vorband zu rächen. *g*

#5 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von PainForged 01.03.2007 16:32


yes ! hab sie am montag in karlsruhe mit cult of luna und bson erlebt.krasser shice mein lieber waldschrat ! ein haufen veröffentlichungen der kerl...weiss jemand nen mailorder der von ihm sachen führt ? hölle war die show gut,aber nich jedermanns sache

#6 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von Nachtmahr 01.03.2007 18:17

Zitat von PainForged
weiss jemand nen mailorder der von ihm sachen führt ?

#7 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von Nachtmahr 02.03.2007 11:32

Zitat von Nachtmahr

äähhh, .de

#8 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von eternal 02.03.2007 15:08

auch :

Fear Falls Burning war sehr gut im Hamburg, mit Johannes auf guitar und Magnus auf drums. Epic !

#9 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von sulphur 11.03.2007 19:07

#10 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von eternal 12.04.2007 12:54

Auf das fear falls burning blog :

one of tonefloat's major projects in its anniversary year is a much anticipated five album set 'once we all walk through solid objects'. the set collects 10 original and brand new fear falls burning pieces, reconstructed by renowned artists including bass communion (steven wilson of porcupine tree; uk), final (justin k broadrick of jesu; uk), freiband (frans de waard of beequeen/kapotte muziek; holland), harvestman (steve von till of neurosis; usa), birchville cat motel (new zealand), byla (of dysrhythmia; usa), aidan baker (of nadja; canada), johannes persson (of cult of luna; sweden), jefre cantu-ledesma (of tarentel; usa) and stefano pilia (of 3/4hadbeeneliminated; italy). all tracks showcase the wide context of the music of fear falls burning. not only by the origins of the musicians, from postrock to industrial, but also by the way the original material was treated. not only by reworking their way, but also by adding scapes, tools and instruments. each and every contribution makes up a full vinyl record album side. the 5lp release promises to be a landmark release with yet again tonefloat's trademark quality presentation. the vinyl will be pressed on 180 grams coloured vinyl. 'once we all walk through solid objects' will be pressed in a limited and one-off edition of 500 copies only, in true fear falls burning style.'once we all walk through solid objects' is out on 5 june 2007, and can be pre-ordered now from toneloat - the 5lp set is available for pre-order now for 50 euros. this offer ends on the date of release, after that the set will cost 60 euros.

link :

#11 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von eternal 11.05.2007 12:28

Im Vorverkauf, fear falls burning & nadja CD !!!!

On their first full-length collaboration CD Fear Falls Burning and Nadja display their wilful approach to drones with 4 epic songs, full of sustain, pulses and dynamics. Grand in theme, sound and atmosphere. This album draws inspiration from their critically-acclaimed lp for Conspiracy Records while pushing the boundaries on their sound as an entity. This album entirely consists of new material. Limited to 1000 copies, in digipak.;php?id=5231

#12 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von eternal 10.10.2007 11:41

neu von fear falls burning :

fear falls burning & birchville cat motel - s/t CD (sehr gut, auf Conspiracy Records)

fear falls burning - first by a whisper, then by a storm / special edition (c/lp) limited edition to 136 copies !!!! Sehr schöne art und auf 180gram black vinyl

#13 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von Lobi 11.10.2007 11:55


Bitte mal ein paar Meinungen zur Kooperation mit Nadja. Danke.

#14 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von rocketqueen 11.10.2007 13:14

Zitat von eternal
limited edition to 136 copies

wie kommt man auf diese anzahl??

leider konnte ich die mit nadja noch immer nicht hören. aber: ich hab sie mal bestellt und werde mich dann dazu äussern.

#15 RE: FEAR FALLS BURNING von fleischpresse 13.10.2007 05:04

Zitat von Lobi
Bitte mal ein paar Meinungen zur Kooperation mit Nadja. Danke.[/size]

Besser umschreiben könnt' ich's auch nicht:

Zitat von Heathen Harvest
This untitled collaboration can hardly be described as music as it more resembles smoke or fog that envelopes and dances and twirls around your body. My only complaint is that I'd love to see Leah Buckareff's bass come through the music a bit more and take a more prominent role at some point. She never really has any huge presence in the music.

The way the album starts out is completely different than most drone acts as it attacks you directly nearly immediately....the sound is RIGHT in your face as soon as it gets going, and then it chooses to drift down into a noise drone / endless drum loop. So rather than bring you up to a climax, the music throws you onto your ass and then allows your heart to slow down a bit before eventually building to another climatic but yet somehow melodic section in track two. If its even possible, the album slows down to an even more droning state for the last two tracks, taking an evenly kicked-back appeal with track three, and really showing off Aidan Baker's sound through track 4.

Im Endeffekt sehr viel abwechslungsreicher als die erste Zusammenarbeit ("We Have Departed The Circle Blissfully", Conspiracy / 2006), mit stellenweise deutlichem Überhang zu Baker's mehr gesetzteren, (frei)rhythmisch orientierten Solo-Veröffentlichungen.
Definitiv kein rausgeschmissenes Geld...

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