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#31 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von deathampdrone 16.05.2006 11:13

kennt jemand von euch earth amps ?! ich kann nur sagen killer ...... !!!!!!
kommen aus denn späten sechzigern ..... 250 watt vollröhren !!!! sollte jemand einen finden ... zuschlagen !!!!!

#32 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von Reverend Odd 16.05.2006 13:35


Pix, aufbau, Soundcharakteristik???

#33 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von deathampdrone 16.05.2006 13:46

oddy wenn du bald vor hast drone zu spielen kann ich dir den amp nur ans herz legen !!!!

#34 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von Reverend Odd 16.05.2006 13:51


Du hilfst mir nicht! Und Drones? Auf keinen Fall. Haha!

#35 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von bob1 16.05.2006 14:33

Zitat von Reverend Odd
Du hilfst mir nicht! Und Drones? Auf keinen Fall. Haha!

Kommt mit gewisser Reife . Ich muss meine kleinen auch immer treten damit sie sich ein bischen aufs brummen einlassen. Sabbath revival riffs kann jeder

Aus irgend einem vintage Forum

Earth ripped off Peavy and Plush, who ripped off Fender

#36 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von Reverend Odd 16.05.2006 21:13


Bedeutet, dass, wenn man reifer wird, das man nicht mehr in der Lage is Midtempo zu zocken? Zu schnell für die müden Finger?

#37 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von bob1 17.05.2006 07:26

Nein, bedeutet dass man evtl. irgendwann die Standardstrukturen satt hat. Ich schreib auch midtempo kram und hab mal in einer Ballerband gespielt so isses net. Spannender wirds allerdings wenn man auch ein bischen mehr die Extreme auslotet.

Finde keine Bilder von den amps, kannst du mal nachreichen wenns geht

#38 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von Reverend Odd 17.05.2006 09:47


Ja Bilder! BILDER! Das man sich mal ein Bild machen kann! Oder ich komm mal vorbei!

Hmm, ich bin noch nicht alt genug um extreme auszuloten, obwohl ich natürlich Freunde habe, die Saint Vitus schon als extrem empfinden. Aber die meien auch Death Metal wäre ne extreme Musikrichtung! Wat ich nicht nachvollziehen kann!

#39 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von bob1 17.05.2006 11:04

Is halt nur dass Sachen wie Toadliquor, Halo oder Khanate und n Haufen anderer einfach einen ganzen Schritt weiter gehen

#40 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von Reverend Odd 17.05.2006 17:13


Jo, behaupte ja auch nicht das Gegenteil, oder? Is aber nur sehr bedingt was für mich halt!

#41 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von deathampdrone 18.05.2006 14:05

by the way .... der komplette name is soundresearch earthamp

#42 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von Reverend Odd 18.05.2006 14:19



#43 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von deathampdrone 23.05.2006 08:47

Wenn Sie hier auf Links zu eBay klicken und einen Kauf tätigen, kann dies dazu führen, dass diese Website eine Provision erhält.

das hab ich im net zu den amps gefunden !!!!

Earth Sound Research G2000
Features 8.4 (7 responses)
Sound Quality 9 (6 responses)
Reliability 8.3 (6 responses)
Customer Support 2 (2 responses)
Overall Rating 9 (6 responses)
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Price Paid: FREE!!
Features: 10
This amp was made in the early 70s. I play folk to rock and with that rich spring reverb and smooth vibrato along with a Marshall b52 blues drive peadal, I can accomplish just about any sound I need. There are two channels although i rarely use the clean channel. There is also a bright switch that really makes those leads really stand out. A master volume along with the ability to switch channels would be nice but I do just fine without them. I dont use this amp out giging but have loaned it out to some friends to play out, and am usually hounded for weeks about selling it to them.

Sound Quality: 9
This amp sounds great with every guitar I run through it. I have a Gibson SG with P90s that really screams at hi volume. Even my 68 hofner which tends to be a bit twangy on most tube amps, gets a nice deep tone. I had this head tubed and biasd when i got it and i have no real hums or noises other than that classic tube sound. If you turn up the volume past 5 or 6 you get a nice old school fuzz effect. that is if you have somewhere you can make alot of noise this thing is LOUD!

Reliability: 9
When i got this amp it needed To be gone through. it had sat in a pile of misc. amps,heads and cabinets in the back of a horse barn for about 10 years. Since The tuneup there has been no problems. I can plug this thing in,turn it on and play without a second thought. I never gigd it myself but all who have used it love it and always want to borrow again.

Customer Support: N/A
There is no support....But who needs support when you have a good repairman down the road!

Overall Rating: 10
I have been playing for 17 years and up untill 5 or 6 years ago all i used was peavy solid state amps. Then i bought a 65 fender twin. from that day forward i was hooked on tubes! If my earth was stolen, I would be pissed but what are you gonna do. I love the retro look of the royal blue meatalflake tuck and roll! Everyone that sees and hears it asks where they can get one. When i got this i wasent really looking for another amp so there was no comparing it to another type. A friend told me about a guy who had some music suff in his barn he wanted to get rid of so i checked it out...Here comes the good part....The guy gad a pile of 11 misc amps and cabinets that his son who passed away had collected through the years..Kustoms, Peavy some generic crap And The Earth g2000 head and matching dual 15 cabinet. The guy said "Take it all now or nothing at all" Pinch me im still dreaming.

Submitted by charlie at 04/02/2005 08:30

Price Paid: N/A used
Features: 8
This is a really easy, no frills, no brainer guitar head. It runs 200 watts, and has 2 channels, each with their own settings (bass, mids, trebles). The second channel has its own Reverb unit with speed and inensity settings (although I never use it, the sound is nice). All tube. All tone.

Sound Quality: 10
I mainly use a Gibson Sonex, run through a Big Muff and then into the head. For what I play (HEAVY sludgey rock) the amp is perfect. There is a SLIGHT hum when on the the clean first chanel, but it is probably due to the need of a new cord and a good cleaning. With the Big uff, I can get countless tones of distortion, and fuzz. On it's ow, the channels sound pretty much the same (outside of the reverb on the 2nd channel).

Reliability: 10
I beat the CRAP out of this thing and it keeps coming back for more man. The tolex is torn and cig burn all over and it still rules. It hasnt been cleaned or re-tubed in 30 years either. I can't wait to hear how it sounds when its clean, if it acts this good now!

Customer Support: N/A
I can't find ay info on Earth, outside of some things saying they were sued by Peavy in the 70's and went out of business. Does anybody else know anything??

Overall Rating: 9
I have been playing for 13 years. I started on bass and moved to guitar, so I play through a variety of amps and cabs. Right now I also use a Sunn s200, a Sunn 2x15, a Randall rg300 solid state (it kinda crapped out on me), ad I play through a few Custom 4x12's a friend of mine made for me. If I lost the Earth I wuld try to replce it. I dig the sound man, it's got straight 70's tone, not unlike a Kustom. I dig the Sunn stuff for the Bass, but I REALLY dig this Earth head. The one thing I wish it had is a fencing for the back of the head itself. I cant find a flight case for it, so I worry that something is going to get in the back end and wreck it. I may just make 2 plates for the front and back and go with that. All in all I would recommend picking one up if you see it. I have only seen one other of the one I have, and it was selling for $600. Thats WAYYYYY kore than I paid, but who knows.....

Submitted by Mike at 01/29/2004 11:10

Price Paid: US $85 used
Features: 8
built in late 60's -early 70's, it looks like an old tuck and roll padded vinyl Kustom, but is all tube. i bought it on a whim in '95, and after doing a little research, found ou it is pretty much the same circuit as a pre-CBS fender dual showman. point to point wiring,a LOUD 100 watts, 2 channels, reverb, vibrato, no master volume

Sound Quality: 9
iuse it mainly for reverb drenched surf instrumentals, and it is perfect for that. the reverb circuit is the best ive ever heard in an amp (second only to those old fender tube reverb boxes with the "dwell" control} this thing is LOUD, loud enough for anything. it stays clean, even when cranked. turned up all the way it doesnt really distort, it just gets kind of soft {compressed a bit...really nice sound!} it responds very well to distortion pedals. this amp sounds like an old fender, but louder. this thing IS my sound !!

Reliability: 8
i got it retubed a couple of years ago, and has held up great. hand wired point to point {just like all those expesive amps} so its pretty easy to service. huge heavy transformers. i run this thing pretty much turned up all the way, all the time, and it never fails me {even with fuzz} my roomate uses it in his band too, so it sees a lot of use. it will outlast me...gotta take care not to rip the vinyl though

Customer Support: N/A
yeah right

Overall Rating: 9
if you ever see one, snag it!!they made these under the brand name "Plush" also, but they are the same.i depend on this amp, and could not live with out it. in my opinion it sounds better than the fenders, and its can still get these for a good deal, and are well worth seeking out. look on ebay.

Submitted by mike deadite at 10/05/2002 04:27

Price Paid: N/A
Features: N/A
I can't review this specific product. However, I can provide some useful information about the manufacturer, Earth Sound Research (ESR), which is out of business.

In the mid-1970's, I worked for over a year as an electronic test technician for a company that manufactured transistorized guitar and bass amps and power mixers for ESR. (60-200W RMS)

ESR had NO engineering department. *ALL* ESR products were DIRECT ripoffs of other manufacturers. For solid-state, they would BUY Peavy products, obtain the schematics and have us COPY everything. The schematics we used for troubleshooting had Peavy addresses and copyright notices.

Most ESR solid state equipment was copied from Peavy. The problem was that Peavy's products used the cheapest parts that were RELIABLE. ESR tried to make CHEAPER copies. Output transistors routinely had excessive electronic leakage. (This causes them overheat and short out,
which burns out the speakers.) A 38-cent fuse holder in the speaker line would have protected the speakers but ESR wouldn't spend the money. (Peavy didn't need to, because they used higher quality parts.)

Regarding NON solid state equipment, if the ESR circuitry LOOKS LIKE Fender or whoever, it will be because it IS that company's design.

ESR did not copy from "no-name" manufacturers. Because its products LITERALLY were duplicates, you may be able to obtain replacement parts or schematics from the ORIGINAL company, once you figure out what the equivalent model number was.

Sound Quality: N/A

Reliability: N/A
Regarding ESR SOLID STATE products, they were known to short out and blow out speakers.

Customer Support: 1
They are out of business. Their customer support was atrocious.

Overall Rating: N/A

Submitted by Rick Reinckens at 09/07/2002 14:15

Price Paid: US $135.00 used
Features: 7
I was expecting this thing to be a kustom when i saw it at the pawn shop. Plenty of knobs and inputs with reverb and this thing was looking better. This is my second earth head. The other was a 50watt w/ reveb.

Sound Quality: 10
I havent got a chance to turn the wike up on this monster yet!
Breifly playing through it when i was at the pawn shop, I began to think twice when i didnt see the reverb unit. I tried it out any way and saw its merits(the trem did work as did the bright switches).This amp fits right into my playing styles(jeff beck to tony iommi).

Reliability: 7
It just sits at home on a 412 cab. with jensens and cts's
Im going to have to clean the pots and secure the reverb pan(i found one at my local music store (used accutronics).

Customer Support: 3
I found a little bit of info on my other earth head years ago.
Nothing yet for this one.

Overall Rating: 9
What i really like about it is the non master volume layout with reverb and trem.
and of course the 100 watts of tube(power6l6)grind. This thing lookes as if it was a combo and the head part was cut loose from the speaker cab. Could that be why my reverb pan is missing?

Submitted by Anonymous at 09/29/2000 13:57

Price Paid: US $200 used
Features: 7
This is made in November 1973. Its got 100 watts of non master power, this thing is frigging loud. It has 2 channels, BUT no channel switching, reverb and tremolo. Has the old style RCA inputs for the footswitch and the recording (line) out. Also has a extra power plug on the back for what ever 110 volt thing you want to plug into it. 4 instrument inputs on the front (2 for each channel). I'd say for this being made in the early 70s its feature packed. It still has some Mullard tubes in it, I have no clue if they are factory or not.

Sound Quality: 7
At the time I used TWO of these things. I found one (true story, the guy was tossing it out and said I could have it) and bought the other one as I really liked the free one. I had 4 old Sunn 4-12 cabs I used to run these guys with. Loud? Huh? When I was a little younger I thought it was cool to have the crowd in pain. Again, it WAS my sound back then. I used to play live and do a metal-punk-hard rock blend but on the heavier side of things. It has a insane LOUD killer crunch to it, in a Fender sorta way. This this is basicly a Twin in a head. There really is no clean channel above 6 and 3 is all you need to bury most drummers, but it sounds horrid until you open it up. To me, it really only has one sound and thats with everything dimed. It's pretty noisy opened up, but what 100 watt amp ain't? When I used this thing alot, I mostly ran a Aria Pro II XRCGS, a Gibson Solex 180 and a Gibson Explorer into it. It really rips with the Explorer. It gives it a little more grind with a hot bucker in the bridge. Mostly I used a DOD Supra Distortion (NOT recommended) for added gain and a old (Yamaha I think, but I forgot) delay pedal to split my signal into both heads. I was playing a lot of heavier stuff and it worked OK, but a Marshall SL-X its not.

Reliability: 9
Well, one of them fell out of the back of my truck going about 50 miles an hour and still works. I assume the bottom turfed padding helped it out. Popped a few tubes back in the sockets and thats about all we had to do. Amazing. However, I don't think I'd want to do that again. I did alot of shows with both my Earth heads with zero problems and they were wide open all the time.

Customer Support: N/A
The last referance to Earth I have found was around 1980. I'm sure they have long since gone under as a lot of the cool manufacters have over the years. I have heard that Andy (from Fuchs) used to work for Earth, so he may repair one if it ever died, I don't know. They are point to point wired so I figure about any good tube amp tech could fix whatever ails one.

Overall Rating: 8
For what I had in them, and that's $200 FOR BOTH, they served me well. The cabs are long gone as is one of the heads, but I have kept the other one for, oh 14 years now? Its been quite some time anyway. I've been playing 18 years and have had way too much gear to begin to list. If it were stolen I'd be pissed, but life goes on. I always loved that loud grinding crunch they have, but not always the volume needed to make them sound killer. All in all, if you can pick one up cheap, try one out. They got me through a lot of shows without a hitch, something I can't say about alot of stuff I've had. I'd say a real all tube 100 watt point to point wired head for a few hundred bucks is a killer deal, and you can always have one modded for more gain.

Submitted by Uriah at 09/04/2000 07:22

Price Paid: US $200
Features: 9
There's reverb and tremelo knobs, the standard bass-mid-treb knobs, bright switches...shit, what else do you really want in an old 70s tube head?

Sound Quality: 9
I plugged into this thing because it looked like a old tuck & roll Kustom on crack. Then I looked in the back of the thing and saw 6 12AX7s and 4 6L6s! I almost pissed myself. As soon as I turned up the juice, a bunch on the younger salespeople (it was at a faggy Guitar Center) came over just to see where the heck that thick, throaty, barely distorted-but-warm-as-hell tone was coming from. I bought it. Now I run it with an old EH Big Muff using a drop-tuned '74 Les Paul through some old Marshall cabinets.

Reliability: 7
I retubed it (it cost more to tube than what I payed for it). It is very old and will die sometime, but not yet.

Customer Support: N/A
Yeah, right! I'll just go to one of the many Earth dealers in my town!

Overall Rating: 9
It's a cool old 70s amp with lots of tubes and balls. Plus it looks like a Kustom on crack (you have got to see these...check ebay...sometimes they have Earth stuff on there).

#44 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von bob1 26.05.2006 13:48

glaube harmony central is hinreichend bekannt oder ?

#45 RE: !!!AMPS!!! von Mirrorhead 09.06.2006 12:54


Spiele seit dem 11.9.2001 (kein Scheiss, ich kam gerade aus dem Proebraum vom Testen, als im Radio die ersten Meldungen liefen) einen Transtube von Peavey. Ist ein Transitor Amp mit Röhren Emulation. Bins ehr zufrieden damit und hab nen konstanten Sound. Nutze ihn mit einer alten Marshall Box.

Davor hatte ich nen Marshall 1959 SLP, der hatte aber nicht genug Zerre und ich musste mir immer mit allen möglichen Bodentretern behelfen.

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