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We’re happy to announce some first information on our next release: Our new record will be released as double-12″ on Narshardaa-Records in mid-October and will be called “at zero”. It will contain seven songs with a total running time of 60 minutes. We’re really looking forward to the release and will update you with more information very soon.

We present you one of our new songs on our myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/arktikapunk). It's the opening track of our new album "at zero" named "we live our lives in black". We hope you like it.

Here's some more information on the release:

at zero

1. we live our lives in black
2. a fire to everything
3. interlude
4. vowbreaker
5. diorama
6. johnny castle
7. at zero

Release Date:
Mid-October 2010

Narshardaa Records

at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg in June/July 2010


Stay tuned...there's more to come.

Die Heartwrencher 12" war schon hammerst. Für Freunde von Fall Of Efrafa, Pianos Become The Teeth, Envy, Mono, Neurosis, Pelican, Cult Of Luna, Breach, Postmetal, Post-HC, GYBE, epischem Neucrust, Kylesa, etc.

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Die Heartwrencher 12" war schon hammerst.

Auf jedenfall. Freu mich schon auf die Platte

Edit: der neue Song is ganz nett, aber hat mich noch nicht so richtig um. Gleich nochmal hören

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cool name and artwork!

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