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Some news:

Out now!

Debut Album Reissue With Bonus Material


Finnish doom legends SPIRITUS MORTIS has re-released their 2004 debut album with four previously unreleased bonus tracks. The remastered album has also modified covers, lyrics and "making of" comments.

SPIRITUS MORTIS - Spiritus Mortis CD (re-issue + 4 bonus)
'Vow To The Sun'
'Death Walking'
'Doom Mood'
'Rise From Hell'
'Forbidden Arts'
'Baron Samedi'
'Tortilla Flat Suite No.18'
'...In Me'
'Sweet Oblivion'
'The Throne Will Fall'
'Mighty One'
'Dead, Dying Or Alive' (bonus track)
'Bigger than God' (bonus track)
'Mystic Morning' (bonus track)
'Albert' (bonus track)


The band have some CDs to sell and you can order it:

Price 13 euros / 20 dollars (incl. shipping)

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