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Debut EP Out Now (24.12.2010) - released on EssentiaMundi (http://www.essentiamundi.com)

The debut EP of Earth To Ground band from Germany. Guitar, voices, synths, acoustic percussions & free compositions: an outstanding experimental music adventure. “Symbiosis” is industrial drone with a touch of human sensibility induced by various voices effects. A symbiotic treatise between the sound and the environment in industrialized ages.

Earth To Ground plays experimental music and it is from Germany. The style cannot easily be categorized, the music has a special aura created with droning-industrialized guitars and by the presence of voices, it is something really special that have to be heard. It is a project that also plays live, and currently it is in studio preparing the first full length CD. Let yourself captivated by the journey with the debut release 'Symbiosis'.

Mehr dazu gibt's hier auf die Augen und Ohren:


a droned christmas to you

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Gefällt mir gut!

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