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here jon from gure hitzak,

so I'm booking now a tour for the italian band GRIME, i wonder if you could be interested into organize a gig for them, tour period will be between 19th oct. or 1st Nov.

something like this:

Fri. 19th oct. Switzerland (Geneve or Lausanne)/Austria (Innsbruck, Wien, Graz) / Italy (Turin, Milan)
Sat. 20th oct. France (Lyon)
Sun. 21th oct. France (Paris, Reims)
Mon. 22th oct. France (Amiens, Reims, Lille)
Tue. 23th oct. Belgium (Bruxelles, Liege, Gent)
Wed. 24th oct. Germany
Thru. 25th oct. Hamburg
Fri. 26th oct. Denmark (Copenhagen)
Sat. 27th oct. Brmen, Germany CONFIRMED!!
Sun. 28th oct. Germany
Mon. 29th oct. Germany (Dresden, Leipzig)
Tue. 30th oct. Czech Republic (Prague) / Germany (Nurmberg)
Wed. 31th oct. Germany (Nurmberg, Munchen)
Thru. 1st Nov. Germany (Munchen) / Austria (Salzburg, Graz)

GRIME comes from italy and they play a extremely massive sludge metal, in their line up is the ex- drummer of the italian blackened crust band THE SECRET, here u can listen their record enterely, which is quite impressive since the first minute, check it out: http://grime666.bandcamp.com/

With influences from bands like EYEHATEGOD, SOURVEIN or GRIEF the band in their first album (will be properly released in june by the english label Mordgrimm, WINDHAND, POMBAGIRA, EAGLE TWIN, HUATA,...) has produced a notable extreme and massive sludge metal pile of songs those could form of the albums of the year without doubt in this music gender.

GRIME Grime starts its mission in Trieste, Italy during summer 2010. Their only goal is bringing destruction to a town near yours. Their sound is rooted into rotten burial ground and their songs are the sound of a decaying swamp filled with trash. Their slow and heavy groove is filthy and vicious, guitar riffs are sharp and covered with rust, drums and bass hit with the unstoppable power of a mud avalanche. They will keep spread their plague in your town very soon. Be afraid.


GRIME have toured with bands like THE SECRET or COUGH and they love them, so if you are interested into organizing a gig for them please get in touch, thanks in advance!

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