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Hi to all,

As you may know the mighty COUGH is going to tour around Europe this next april to appear in some festivals like Roadburn and Heavy Days in Downtown, but happens that the band wants to do some more dates with GRIME between the last day of the "official" tour with WITCH MOUNTAIN and the performance of COUGH in the Heavy Days in Downtown festival in Copenhagen.

The bands doesnt need introduction, COUGH released one of the best sludge-doom albums of the last years with their second full lenght entitled "Ritual Abuse". and GRIME released some months ago one of the best sludge metal albums in Europe (and wordwide) of the last years too maybe.

The dates are as following:

Monday 29th April, Péniche Inside Out, Liege, Belgium
Tuesday 30th April, Halle 14, Karlsruhe, Germany
Wednesday 1st May Center Germany?
Thrusday 2nd May, Center / North germany
Friday 3rd May North Germany / South Sweden

interested please get in touch !! they might be 8-9 people, conditions will be discussed ok?

thanks in advance!

#2 RE: COUGH (Relapse) + GRIME (Mordgrimm/Forcefield) DATES - HELP von Gure Hitzak 03.02.2013 14:55


send a private message or post here what can do u ok?
thanks a lot!

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